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Handmaiden & Fleece Artist

Handmaiden & Fleece Artist

Handmaiden Fine Yarns and Fleece Artist are sister brands based in Nova Scotia, Canada. Handmaiden Fine Yarns offers luxurious, high-end yarns that are carefully dyed by hand in small batches, making each skein unique. The brand prides itself on being the "haute couture of the yarn world" and employs emerging artists with a flair for color dyeing to create custom colors. On the other hand, Fleece Artist is a practical and hardworking brand that specializes in dyeing breed-specific natural fibers, such as Blue Face Leicester, fine Kid Mohair, and Merino wool. Established in 1978, Fleece Artist started as a supplier of natural fibers for fellow textile artists. However, customers demanded better colors, and the company started dyeing them in-house. Today, the brand is dedicated to showcasing the natural qualities of the yarn and enlivening your handmade projects.

Anise - Casbah $33.50 CAD
Renaissance - Organic Cottage Socks $30.00 CAD
Aurora - Casbah $33.50 CAD