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Knitting Supplies, Tools & Accessories

Lilac Needle Gauge accessoriestools-and-accessories
Lilac Needle Gauge $4.50 CAD
Knit Blockers accessoriestools-and-accessories
Knit Blockers $37.50 CAD
The Knitting Barber (TKB) Cords the-knitting-barbertools-and-accessories
The Knitting Barber (TKB) Cords $17.50 CAD
Mindful Collection - Rainbow Scissors accessoriestools-and-accessories
Mindful Collection - Rainbow Scissors $10.50 CAD
Tapestry - Darning Needles (4 pack) accessoriestools-and-accessories
Tapestry - Darning Needles (4 pack) $3.50 CAD
Mindful Collection Row Counter stitch-markerstools-and-accessories
Mindful Collection Row Counter $9.50 CAD
Blocking Mats accessoriestools-and-accessories
Blocking Mats $28.50 CAD
Mindful Collection - Stitch Marker Mega Pack (100) stitch-markerstools-and-accessories
Mindful Collection - Stitch Marker Mega Pack (100) $15.50 CAD
Stitch Holders 3-Pack accessoriestools-and-accessories
Stitch Holders 3-Pack $5.50 CAD
Teal Darning Needles tools-and-accessories
Teal Darning Needles $12.00 CAD
Symfonie Rose Sigma - Shawl Pin accessoriestools-and-accessories
Symfonie Rose Sigma - Shawl Pin $15.00 CAD
Blush Needle Gauge accessoriestools-and-accessories
Blush Needle Gauge $4.50 CAD
Cable Needles cable-needlestools-and-accessories
Cable Needles $5.00 CAD
Sheep Ring Stitch Markers stitch-markerstools-and-accessories
Sheep Ring Stitch Markers $22.50 CAD
Butterfly Locking Stitch Markers stitch-markerstools-and-accessories
Butterfly Locking Stitch Markers $22.50 CAD
Yarn Cutter accessoriestools-and-accessories
Yarn Cutter $11.50 CAD
Wool Winder - Small tools-and-accessories
Wool Winder - Small $40.00 CAD
Mindful Collection Chakra Stitch Markers stitch-markerstools-and-accessories
Mindful Collection Chakra Stitch Markers $20.00 CAD
Bee Tape Measure tools-and-accessories
Bee Tape Measure $5.50 CAD
Yarn Ball Tape Measure tools-and-accessories
Yarn Ball Tape Measure $6.00 CAD
Yarn Threader accessoriestools-and-accessories
Yarn Threader $16.00 CAD
Friends Charm + Tool Keychain accessoriestools-and-accessories
Friends Charm + Tool Keychain $16.00 CAD
Slytherin Tape Measure accessoriestools-and-accessories
Slytherin Tape Measure $10.50 CAD
Hufflepuff Tape Measure accessoriestools-and-accessories
Hufflepuff Tape Measure $10.50 CAD
Ravenclaw Tape Measure accessoriestools-and-accessories
Ravenclaw Tape Measure $10.50 CAD
Sock Ruler tools-and-accessories
Sock Ruler $5.00 CAD
Daisy Ring Stitch Markers stitch-markerstools-and-accessories
Daisy Ring Stitch Markers $22.50 CAD
Knitting Ring Stitch Markers stitch-markerstools-and-accessories
Knitting Ring Stitch Markers $22.50 CAD
4" Rainbow Unicorn Scissors accessoriestools-and-accessories
4" Rainbow Unicorn Scissors $15.00 CAD
Cute Cat Scissors accessoriestools-and-accessories
Cute Cat Scissors $10.00 CAD
The Knitting Barber Bacelet Rulers the-knitting-barbertools-and-accessories
The Knitting Barber Bacelet Rulers $40.00 CAD
Daisies Locking Stitch Markers stitch-markerstools-and-accessories
Daisies Locking Stitch Markers $22.50 CAD
Crochet Locking Stitch Markers stitch-markerstools-and-accessories
Crochet Locking Stitch Markers $22.50 CAD
Fun Project Labels - Sarcastic tools-and-accessories
Fun Project Labels - Sarcastic $6.50 CAD
Green Needle Gauge tools-and-accessories
Green Needle Gauge $4.00 CAD
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