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#0 - Lace Weight

Lace Weight Yarn

If you’re looking for the lightest weight there is, you’re in the right place. Lace weight is thin, light, and great for airy, delicate projects. It’s often used to create lacy, openwork fabrics, but you can also double it up—two strands of laceweight yarn gives you the equivalent of a fingering weight strand. You can also use it with another yarn to mix up the colour or texture!

Head or Tails - Alpaca Lace $36.50 CAD
Teal we Meet Again - Beautiful Baby Suri $38.00 CAD
Summer Sangria - Beautiful Baby Suri $38.00 CAD
Coachella - Beautiful Baby Suri $38.00 CAD
Pop Peacock - Alpaca Lace $36.50 CAD
Sweater Weather - Fundy Tides $29.00 CAD
Gentle Rains - Beautiful Baby Suri $38.00 CAD
Blueberry Fields Forever - Beautiful Baby Suri $38.00 CAD
Sorry - Fundy Tides $30.00 CAD
Lilac - Fundy Tides $30.00 CAD