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Grey - #1223 - Monokrom Cotton

Prices are per skein/ball of yarn, except Gradient Sets and Mini-Kits which are priced per package.

Weight: #3 - DK

Label: Urth Yarns

Composition: 100% MERCERIZED COTTON
Yardage: 275 YDS / 250 M 100 GR
Needle / Gauge: NEEDLE: US 5-6 / 3.75-4 MM GAUGE: 5-6 STS = 1"

Discover the dynamic beauty of Grey on Monokrom Cotton, a DK 100% Mercerized Cotton yarn base from Urth Yarns. This captivating grey hue captures the essence of a roiling thundercloud, evoking the power and intensity of nature's own dramatic display. The soft, breathable, and lustrous qualities of the Mercerized Cotton make this yarn perfect for crafting garments and accessories with a striking, moody aesthetic. Let the Grey colorway inspire you to create pieces that embody the energy and majesty of a brewing storm.

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