Noro is a beauty to behold, from its rich colours to sensuous feel both while working and when crafted into something beautiful. Noro has a legacy of working with only certified organic fibres from international locations such as Australia, the Falkland Islands and South Africa. The slight unevenness and natural feel of Noro yarn, and the vibrant colours it comes in, are a beauty to wear and behold.

Natural fibers have great features that humans can not mimic. I want to leave these features as much as possible in my yarns. If I make wool yarn, I use various lengths and thicknesses of wool fibers to try to reproduce the nature of sheep itself in our yarn: such as unevenness and coarseness. These natural states are intentionally left by using human hands and old machinery so that natural fibers are not over processed. – Eisaku Noro




Colouring Style

Dyeing Method

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