We love our artists!

Meet the Makers

"Meet the Makers" is a segment we're working on to highlight and showcase the amazing fibre artists whose yarn we stock in the store. Stay tuned as we feature more amazing and talented artists from across the fibre world!

Meet the Makers: Forbidden Fiber Co

By Meg Goodmanson | February 18, 2021

You may have seen their yarns on our site already, but we wanted to give a very warm welcome to Forbidden Fiber Co – one of our many enormously talented dye studios. Forbidden Fiber Co is a supplier based out of Brighton, TN, USA. They specialize in yarn that tells a story through colour, be […]

Meet the Makers: Knit a Bit, Crochet Away

By Meg Goodmanson | February 13, 2021

Lauren of Knit a Bit, Crochet Away, is a lawyer by day, designer and maker by night. She lives in Glastonbury, Connecticut with her husband, two sons, and a dog. When she’s not working or playing with yarn, she enjoys being outdoors and spending time with her family. Lauren learned how to knit when she […]

Meet the Makers: Emily C Gillies

By Meg Goodmanson | February 5, 2021

Emily C Gillies is a dyer who works out of her home studio just north of Toronto. She has a background in painting and a degree in fine art. As Emily told us by email, “Dyeing yarn is a bit like mixing paint, except I get to see all the lovely things other people create […]

Graphic Artists

These are the fine folks who designed our avatars, our logo, and a number of other things you may have seen from us graphics-wise.

Meg Goodmanson

Meg is Allen's sister, a brilliant artist, and talented writer. She's been making caricatures for the last few years and we *love* them. She's drawn ones for our wedding, our whole family, and even the ones you see of us on our about page. Want one for yourself? Find her over at KHeart Cuties or - when she's wearing her writing and editing hat - at The Obnoxious Proofreader.

Matt Goodmanson

Matt is Meg's talented artistic husband; he's been doing character creation in the video game industry and other amazing artwork for years. He created Gertrude, our beloved mascot, and may be able to help with your next art project. Check him out at The Art of Matthew Goodmanson!