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Enjoy our Yarn Products Collection

With selections from established brands like Ancient Arts, Araucania, Trailhead Yarns, Urth Yarns, and Noro, alongside stunning indie dyers we've found, our yarn collection is sure to have something you'll enjoy. We carry a selection of weights, colours, fibres, and brands to choose from. The only problem with our yarn selection is keeping it in stock!

Razor Leaf - 80/20 Fingering 1-fingeringindie-yarnsnerds-with-needlesyarn
Razor Leaf - 80/20 Fingering $28.00 CAD
Cedar Waxwing - Sock Base 1-fingeringindie-yarnssongbird-fibresyarn
Cedar Waxwing - Sock Base $28.00 CAD
Costa's Hummingbird - Sock Base 1-fingeringindie-yarnssongbird-fibresyarn
Costa's Hummingbird - Sock Base $28.00 CAD
Silk Garden Solo #11 "Sakai" 4-worstednoroyarn
Silk Garden Solo #11 "Sakai" $13.00 CAD $14.50 CAD
Silent Night - Squishy Sock 1-fingeringhidden-pond-yarnsindie-yarnsyarn
Silent Night - Squishy Sock $28.00 CAD
Bohemian Blooms - Magical Merny 1-fingeringindie-yarnswool-wanderlustyarn
Bohemian Blooms - Magical Merny $32.00 CAD
Constellation - Bas du Fleuve 1-fingeringindie-yarnsles-laines-cocoyarn
Constellation - Bas du Fleuve $28.00 CAD
Blackberry - Organic Cottage Socks 1-fingeringhandmaidenyarn
Blackberry - Organic Cottage Socks $30.00 CAD
Aguamarina - Ollagua araucaniayarn
Aguamarina - Ollagua $23.00 CAD
Golden Harvest - Sock Base 1-fingeringbotanical-fibresindie-yarnsyarn
Golden Harvest - Sock Base $33.00 CAD
Aqua - Bas du Fleuve 1-fingeringindie-yarnsles-laines-cocoyarn
Aqua - Bas du Fleuve $28.00 CAD
Garden Tour - Squishy Sock 1-fingeringhidden-pond-yarnsindie-yarnsyarn
Garden Tour - Squishy Sock $28.00 CAD
Silk Garden #429 "Settsu" 4-worstednoroyarn
Silk Garden #429 "Settsu" $13.00 CAD $14.50 CAD