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Spun Ware Over The Rainbow

Spun Ware Over the Rainbow Yarn

Spun Ware Over the Rainbow is a beautiful hand-dyed yarn brand by Mandy Poje, based in British Columbia. Mandy draws inspiration from rainbows in all their forms - in the sky, in nature, and in the man-made world. Her passion for color and her love of rainbows are evident in the stunning and vibrant colorways she creates. Each skein of Spun Ware Over the Rainbow yarn is unique, with colors blending and shifting in a beautiful, organic way. Mandy uses high-quality natural fibers, such as wool, silk, and cashmere, to create yarns that are not only stunning but also soft, durable, and a joy to work with. Whether you're a knitter, crocheter, or weaver, Spun Ware Over the Rainbow yarns are sure to inspire your creativity and bring a rainbow of color to your projects.

Splashdown - Fingering - Sock $36.50 CAD
Berry White - Fingering - Sock $36.50 CAD
Best Day Ever - Fingering - Sock $36.50 CAD
Coco Mint - Fingering - Sock $36.50 CAD
Head or Tails - Alpaca Lace $36.50 CAD
His - Fingering - Sock $36.50 CAD
Starry - Fingering - Sock $36.50 CAD
Pop Peacock - Alpaca Lace $36.50 CAD
Speckled Eggs - Worsted $36.50 CAD
Hers - Fingering - Sock $36.50 CAD
Butterflies in Blue Skies - Fingering - Sock $36.50 CAD