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Purl Passion

Purl Passion

Purl Passion Yarn is a hand-dyed yarn brand run by Megan, a knitting enthusiast and a mother of two children from Saskatchewan, Canada. Although new to the world of yarn dyeing, Megan has found a deep passion for the craft that combines her love for art and science. Her yarns are inspired by her daily life, her children, and her surroundings in Saskatchewan. Megan enjoys involving her children in the creative process and collaborating with her older child to come up with fun and vibrant colors. Megan's dream is to support her family financially by doing what she loves while spending time with her children, and her yarns are a reflection of that passion and love.

Yellow Dress - Fingering / Sock $28.00 CAD
Diaper Bag - Fingering / Sock $28.00 CAD