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Jody Long

Jody Long Yarn

Jody Long Yarn is a popular yarn brand created by Jody Long, a renowned British knitting designer with over 30 years of experience in the industry. Jody Long is a world-renowned expert in knitwear design and has won multiple awards for his innovative designs. He has used his vast experience and knowledge to create a range of high-quality yarns that are perfect for knitters of all skill levels. Jody Long Yarn offers a diverse range of yarns, including luxurious blends of merino, cashmere, and silk, as well as more affordable options, ensuring that there is something for every project and budget. With a focus on quality, innovation, and creativity, Jody Long Yarn has become a go-to choice for knitters and designers around the world.

#006 Rain - Alpamayo $26.50 CAD
Blossom - Summer Delight $21.50 CAD
Crocus - Flora $19.00 CAD
Iris - Flora $19.00 CAD
#005 Wood - Alpamayo $26.50 CAD
Peony - Flora $19.00 CAD
Slate - Summer Delight $21.50 CAD
#010 Flame - Alpamayo $26.50 CAD
#008 Flower - Alpamayo $26.50 CAD
#003 Fog - Alpamayo $26.50 CAD
Feather - Summer Delight $21.50 CAD
Tiger Lily - Flora $19.00 CAD
Cherry Blossom - Flora $19.00 CAD
Marigold - Flora $19.00 CAD
Snowdrop - Flora $19.00 CAD
#009 Aubergine - Alpamayo $26.50 CAD
#004 Feather - Alpamayo $26.50 CAD
#001 Darkness - Alpamayo $26.50 CAD