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#3 - DK

Double Knit Yarn

Double knit yarn is a medium-fine yarn, also called light or light worsted. Two strands of DK yarn can be substituted for worsted weight yarn, which can be fun if you have a couple of DK colourways that make each other sing. 

DK yarn is great for lightweight pieces that still need some warmth, like baby blankets, spring sweaters, and shawls. It’s a wonderful, versatile yarn that’s used in a huge variety of patterns.

Janis - Soft Rock DK 3-dkindie-yarnswool-vinylyarn
Janis - Soft Rock DK $32.00 CAD
Loony Wisdom - Merino DK 3-dkindie-yarnsnerds-with-needlesyarn
Loony Wisdom - Merino DK $28.00 CAD
Masque of the Red Death - DK 3-dkhellfire-fibresindie-yarnsyarn
Masque of the Red Death - DK $32.00 CAD
Grape Seed - DK 3-dkindie-yarnsrose-hill-yarnsyarn
Grape Seed - DK $31.00 CAD