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Meet the Makers: Forbidden Fiber Co

By Meg Goodmanson / February 18, 2021

You may have seen their yarns on our site already, but we wanted to give a very warm welcome to Forbidden Fiber Co – one of our many enormously talented dye studios. Forbidden Fiber Co is a supplier based out of Brighton, TN, USA. They specialize in yarn that tells a story through colour, be […]

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Meet the Makers: Knit a Bit, Crochet Away

By Meg Goodmanson / February 13, 2021

Lauren of Knit a Bit, Crochet Away, is a lawyer by day, designer and maker by night. She lives in Glastonbury, Connecticut with her husband, two sons, and a dog. When she’s not working or playing with yarn, she enjoys being outdoors and spending time with her family. Lauren learned how to knit when she […]

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Why choose hand-dyed yarn?

By Meg Goodmanson / February 11, 2021

Look, we get it. Hand-dyed yarn is more expensive than mill-dyed options, and significantly more expensive than the stuff you can grab off the shelf at Michaels. And we’re not here to tell you how to live. We don’t purely stock hand-dyed yarn because we believe that mill-dyed yarn can be a wonderful, worthwhile option. […]

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Meet the Makers: Emily C Gillies

By Meg Goodmanson / February 5, 2021

Emily C Gillies is a dyer who works out of her home studio just north of Toronto. She has a background in painting and a degree in fine art. As Emily told us by email, “Dyeing yarn is a bit like mixing paint, except I get to see all the lovely things other people create […]

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The Results are in: Survey #1: Recap

By allen / February 4, 2021

You asked, we listened! We put out a survey to our fine mailing list folk a couple of weeks ago, and we asked which of three things should be our priorities in the near-term: More of the hand-dyed fine yarns that we’ve been focused on More everyday yarns More knitting tools (needles, hooks, etc) We’ve […]

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What is yarn made of?

By Meg Goodmanson / January 28, 2021

“What is yarn made of?” you ask? How much time do you have? (How much time do I have, for that matter). Yarn can be made from a huge variety of fibers, so please know that this post is only going to scratch the surface. If you have specific questions that this list doesn’t cover, please don’t […]

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What is sport weight yarn?

By Meg Goodmanson / January 25, 2021

Sport weight yarn is a fine yarn. (Not “fine,” as in “just OK,” but “fine,” as in “thinnish.” Sport weight yarn is more than “fine” in the other sense!)  It’s slightly thicker than fingering weight yarn and slightly thinner than double knit (DK) weight yarn. Remember that “weight” in this context simply means “thickness,” and not actual, you […]

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Who are the Darn Yarn folks anyways?

By allen / January 19, 2021

Who are the people behind Darn Yarn? Why do we look so cartoonish on the site? What sets us apart? How did this whole adventure start? Gather round, grab your work in progress and a beverage, and read on! My name’s Allen and I’m a relatively new knitter, all things considered. OK, that’s an understatement—I […]

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What is Fingering Weight Yarn?

By Meg Goodmanson / January 17, 2021

Fingering weight yarn is a super fine yarn. It is often also referred to as sock weight or baby yarn. Fingering weight yarn is thinner than sport weight and DK weight yarns and thicker than Lace weight yarns. A doubled strand of fingering weight yarn is generally the same thickness as one strand of DK […]

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What is Double-Knit (DK) Yarn?

By Meg Goodmanson / January 14, 2021

Double knit (DK) weight yarn is a medium-fine yarn, also sometimes referred to as a light yarn or light worsted yarn. It’s thinner than a worsted weight yarn but thicker than a sport weight yarn. NOTE: It’s important to remember that “weight” in this context has nothing to do with the actual weight of the […]

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