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Meet the Maker: Botanical Fibres

By Meg Goodmanson / October 12, 2021

Today we’d like to introduce you to Emma Doucette of Botanical Fibres. Based in Nova Scotia, Emma specializes in naturally dyed yarns. In fact, a desire to work with natural dyes is the core of her business and the reason why she began dyeing in the first place: It started when I noticed a lack of […]

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Meet the Maker: Savvy Skeins

By Meg Goodmanson / October 2, 2021

Allison Telfer, the dyer behind Savvy Skeins, is a mom of 5 who got into fibre arts as a creative outlet about 15 years ago. Being a stay-at-home mom with 5 children can be frustrating and tiring at times, so I needed something just for me. She started out knitting and spinning, and even spent […]

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Meet the Maker: Dyerwolf Yarn Co.

By Meg Goodmanson / September 24, 2021

Greetings, yarn lovers! Today we’d like to introduce you to a new addition to the Darn Yarn family! Read on to learn about Stephanie McKinney of Dyerwolf Yarn Co. We’re suckers for both puns and nerdiness, so it’s not a shock that we love Dyerwolf’s name. Stephanie is a huge Game of Thrones fan, and […]

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The Dangers of Yarn Roulette

By Meg Goodmanson / August 12, 2021

Tales from the Tangled Trenches, Part 2 Greetings and salutations, yarn lovers! It is I, your wayward blogger and novice knitter, finally returned from the depths of Yarn Roulette Hell to update you on the epic saga of The First Hat I Ever Knitted ™. Did I finish it? Hells yes, I did! Did it […]

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Advent Calendar Round-up 2021

By Meg Goodmanson / July 17, 2021

It’s July, and that means it’s time for…advent calendars! We know the winter feels a million miles away, but it never hurts to plan ahead. Pre-orders are now open for advent calendars, and we have some great ones coming! Here’s what’s available from the Darn Yarn family:   Forbidden Fibre Co: Random Acts of Kindness […]

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Meet the Maker: Rave Stitches and The Wool ‘N’ Frog

By Meg Goodmanson / June 26, 2021

Carol P, owner of Rave Stitches and The Wool ‘N’ Frog, has always been creative. She learned to knit and sew as a child. When her children were young, she sewed a lot of their clothing, as well as her own. She also worked as a hairdresser, which made another great outlet for her creativity. […]

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Meet the Maker: Spun Ware Over the Rainbow

By Meg Goodmanson / June 18, 2021

Today we’re featuring another maker who recently joined the Darn Yarn family. Mandy Poje of Spun Ware Over the Rainbow is based in the Comox Valley of Vancouver Island, BC. She creates beautiful rainbow yarns that must be seen to be believed. Mandy started her career in fibre arts by crocheting and selling hats for […]

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Meet the Maker: Hidden Pond Yarns

By Meg Goodmanson / June 12, 2021

Darn Yarn just welcomed Hidden Pond Yarns to our family of dyers! Katya Hryniowski, the proprietress of Hidden Pond Yarns, lives in Vaudreuil Sur le Lac, Quebec with her husband and two young children. She’s a lifelong knitter and lover of yarn, and her colorways are absolutely lovely. When Katya was laid off from her […]

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Tales from the Tangled Trenches

By Meg Goodmanson / May 21, 2021

Gather ‘round, yarn lovers, for I am going to tell you a story. It’s an epic story of love, hate, adventure, and house gnomes. It’s full of trials, tribulations, and wild successes. It’s a story…about learning to knit again. The thing about working around a bazillion photos of amazing, gorgeous, stunning yarn…is that eventually, the […]

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Meet the Maker: Arcane Fibre Works

Meet the Maker: Arcane Fibre Works

By Meg Goodmanson / May 14, 2021

Darn Yarn is thrilled to welcome Arcane Fibre Works to our family of makers! Tyler Burgess is a self-proclaimed yarnaholic from southern Alberta. I currently have a stash that would rival your local yarn shop… and by rival, I mean crush… literally. But what indie dyer doesn’t! Tyler didn’t plan on being an indie dyer. […]

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